Real | RAGE Weapons and Damage Enhancer 2.1493.1 is released

October 31, 2018
The Real_Gabe


Version 2 is finally here with lots of changes and new features!



- Adjusted the health of the peds;
- Adjusted the damage of all the weapons;
- Adjusted the force of all the weapons;
- Removed tracers from all weapons (except vehicle turrets);
- Peds drop nothing when they die;
- Manual pickups with action button;
- Smaller pickup radius;
- Pickups not glowing;
- Enhanced ragdoll euphoria (body physics and reactions);
- Adjustments for blood effects: no blood mist on body shot, only on headshot, added headshot exit wound, no blood mist on dead bodies (only on headshots);
- Increased the fire rate and tightened a bit the bullet spread of the Micro SMG;
- Adjusted flashlight: increased range and intensity;
- Now the gangs hates each other, domestic animals likes the player, + some more relationships tweaks
- Tweaked fist and melee fights, no more kicking with melee weapon in hand;
- Tweaked dispatch: Increased cop’s, ambulance’s and fire dept.’s spawn time; hidden evasion times are halved on 1 and 2 stars; more cop car types will spawn; female cops are comming for you!; police motorcycles will spawn at wanted level 2 and 3; now deputys are comming with sheriff jeeps too not just the SWAT;
- Cops, SWAT and army now reacts to when their comrades gets shot;
- Cops, SWAT and army are now less accurate when firing at you;
- Cops are not firing at you from police helicopter (helicopters are now just for searching, following and showing your position with reflectors);
- SWAT has flashlight on their guns, cops has flashlight on their pistols;
- Small caliber pistols has lower headshot damage, sometimes peds need 2 shots to the head to be fatal, cops need 2 shots mostly, and SWAT helmet needs 3 or 4 shots;
- Changed the sound of the minigun, now sounds like an A-10 Warthog… BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT….
- New readme;
- … and more;


You can download or read the readme file online HERE!
You can download the mod from HERE!