Real | RAGE - Graphics Enhancer v1.1032.2 is released

April 24, 2017
The Real_Gabe


Game Tweaks changes

  • All weathers: decreased the size of the Moon and the Sun; lowered the water reflections; decreased stars intensity; adjusted all kind of lights;
  • Snow, Snow light, Blizzard weathers: fixed the low visibility caused by fog; adjusted temperatures; adjusted wind and snow intensity;
  • Puddles adjustments: range, size of the ripples , speed of the ripples, strength, duration, depth, scale;
  • Added watertunes.xml: adjusted water properties like ripple scale, specular fall off, refraction, god rays;
  • Visualsettings.dat changes: increased rain particles, increased weather cycle duration, adjusted plate lights, adjusted car headlights, adjusted vehicle lights, adjusted tarffic lights, adjusted distant lights, adjusted shadows and dark lights;
  • Weather.xml changes: adjusted rain, wind influence, water and other weather properties;

ReShade changes:

  • Removed HDR;
  • Adjusted all shaders;