Real | RAGE - Graphics Enhancer v1.1032.1 is released

April 19, 2017
The Real_Gabe



Game Tweaks changes

  • Changes in all weather: adjusted the dark nights, dark nights are now works in all weathers in all locations; increased the artificial lights; adjusted water reflections; adjusted the clouds; adjusted cloud shadows; adjusted lensflare visibility; adjusted fog ray intensity; adjusted lights in all parts of the day; adjusted Moon lights;
  • Extra Sunny weather: increased water fog streaming;
  • Wheelfx.dat changes: increased and adjusted burnout on various materials; adjusted trail effects on various materials;
  • Weaponfx.dat changes: decreased glass shards’s size;
  • Visualsettings.dat changes: adjusted bokeh; adjusted bloom; adjusted distant lights;
  • Weather.xml changes: adjusted the wind influence to the rain drops and to the ground in thunder weather; enabled sandstorm in extra sunny and thunder weathers;
  • Weaponfx.dat changes: adjusted the bullet impact effects;

ReShade changes: Upgraded to ReShade 3 and completely remade the visuals with it!

  • Removed Lumasharpen and Bloom shaders
  • Added Adaptive Sharpen, Clarity, Colourfulness and MagicBloom shaders
  • Adjusted all shaders

Other changes

  • Added my Real RAGE 4K Water Overhaul v1.0 texture mod