Real | RAGE - Graphics Enhancer v1.0 beta 7 is released

October 30, 2016
The Real_Gabe


Beta 7 is here now with game files tweaks!

Game Tweaks changes

  • Disabled the chromatic aberration effect
  • Extra Sunny weather: water drying up faster; weaker wind; low ocean waves; smaller and slower water ripples and less water bumpiness; less ocean foam; increased underwater light rays; increased light ray lenght; adjusted Sun and Moon influence radius;
  • Thunder weather: stronger wind; higher ocean waves; added a little fog; increased rain intensity; increased riples bumpiness, speed, scale; increased clouds intensity; increased clouds strenght; adjusted Sun and Moon influence radius;
  • Added wheelfx.dat: increased tiresmoke on burnout, ajusted the smoke color to light greyish on concrete and tarmac; increased trail effect on concrete, dusty concrete, tarmac, all kind of sand, dry dirt, puddle, water;

ReShade changes

  • Adjusted HDR
  • Adjusted Deband
  • Adjusted Vibrance
  • Adjusted LumaSharpen
  • Adjusted levels
  • Added Technicolor2
  • Removed DPX